WA Tenements on Ipad / Iphone.

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WA Tenements on Ipad / Iphone.

Post by Blueapps on Sun 25 Mar 2018, 2:27 pm

Great news everyone,

We finally got the IOS, Iphone and Ipad version of the Happy prospector up and released by Apple today, so you should now be able to find it in the App store on Itunes.

Its been a long road but the testing for the last few weeks has proven pretty stable and initial testing by the Beta Testers of the release version has had positive feedback. I will ask them to post some feedback on the various forums and Facebook when they get a chance.

IOS Version is only available as Pro version, so it includes:

GPS Location and Basic tracking as well

Future versions will also possibly include:
Graticular blocks,
Direction to Waypoint,
and we are currently working on getting some better quality maps (if all goes well)

Looks great on the new Ipads.

We have had it running and testing on Iphone, 6,7,8X as well as the new 12.3Ipad and a couple of other Ipads but not sure which models as yet.


BlueApps Support

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Re: WA Tenements on Ipad / Iphone.

Post by Nanjim on Tue 27 Mar 2018, 12:01 pm

I will be down loading the app next week
When l get back to Perth and a more reliable internet.....

Cheers Nanjim

A bad days prospecting beats a good days work anytime...


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Re: WA Tenements on Ipad / Iphone.

Post by rusty gates on Sat 19 May 2018, 3:15 pm

Hi BlueApps

I'm interested to find out more about WA Tenements for my Ipad Air, as I can't run Tengraph on my Ipad.

What information does WA Tenements display and can I use it 'offline', as my Ipad only works off a WiFi connection, which isn't always available when I'm out in the bush.

Thanks in advance

rusty ...

rusty gates

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Re: WA Tenements on Ipad / Iphone.

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