Cue, maybe Peak Hill

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Cue, maybe Peak Hill

Post by lurch on Wed 28 Sep 2016, 8:25 pm

Gday all
Looking at heading up to Cue, maybe Peak Hill & Meeka in the next few weeks for a look around though available time will dictate where we can go, have 7 - 9 days up our sleeve.
Interested in an idea of road conditions & wether the area has seen a lot of rain and general weather conditions up that way at the moment
Toyota 200 wagon towing 17 1/2 foot off road van, hoping to free camp & prospect/detect preferred but prepared to stay at parks and day trip if required.
Any insight or advice appreciated


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Re: Cue, maybe Peak Hill

Post by gut feeling on Thu 29 Sep 2016, 4:54 am

Weathers near enough perfect at the moment ..road conditions great. Track dry n hard ..plenty of folks out there from all walks of life.. Was in Cue /Mount magnet Now sandstone and brill ... weather wise a few weeks who knows ! P.S Been tipped off the gold police are around sandstone.. So stay off leases (unless you have permission) and she'll be right!

gut feeling

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Re: Cue, maybe Peak Hill

Post by Viper on Sat 01 Oct 2016, 9:08 am


Tuckanarra accom & secure site (plenty of room for vans) available..

Hot water to sink, shower & shithouse... 4 rooms avail... need to use your own power

Also a Bar B is available but need a gas bottle..

Wood.... burn it replace it... take your refuse...

$100 per week



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