Need info no, bring me up to speed.

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Need info no, bring me up to speed.

Post by Young Simmo on Thu 11 Aug 2016, 9:27 pm

Ok, I bought my first detector around 1978-9 and gave it a good flogging with many detectors over the years till I moved over to the coast  in Feb 1999. The best I had was a SD 2000. Now I know what that and the 16000 and my Fishers all could do but, am curious to find out about these 5 and 7 thousand dollar Minelabs do in comparison. Do they go deeper or find smaller bits. My SD 2000 probably found a  1 grammer at about 80mm to 90mm, or a 30 grammer at about 300mm to 400mm. Please don't pin me down on those measurement as I am rattling my 76 year old brainbox. What I would like to know  roughly is, what are these new fangled machines doing in comparison. To put it simply, does double the money get double the results?

Young Simmo

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Re: Need info no, bring me up to speed.

Post by mulgadansa on Fri 12 Aug 2016, 5:20 am

Gday Simmo
Not twice the results mate but they're truckloads better to use. Can't speak about the 7k but the 4500,5000 are a different world to the 2000 in that you can hear what's going on without all the ground noise and hot rocks. Same depths but.

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