A little summer detecting..!!!!

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A little summer detecting..!!!!

Post by bluebenz1 on Thu 31 Dec 2015, 8:55 am

Hi all and happy seasons greetings.....!!!  Well, i'm In Perth and about to get going to see friends in Cunderdin for New Year and watch some live music in one of their Pub's..Then off to Kalgoorlie with a 4x4 for a couple of days to have a look around and then down to Esperance...en route to Esperance, I want to stop somewhere possibly on the Goldfields Highway or Noresman, going south and have a go with my XP Deus metal detector...I have looked on Tengraph and understand the Live/Pending tenements....but..If anyone has a tip on where to look That would be great..Im only having a quick play and not going on any great trek...we have a GPS, handheld radio's and mobile phone's.

Or....does anyone in Kalgoorlie/Norseman fancy giving me a quick lesson in picking a place to have a little Detect....

I know its not the ideal time to go detecting but i'm only going to get a flavour of the outback...

Any help is greatly appreciated.....

Cheers all and Happy new year..


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