New 5000 - Having some issues with my coils

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New 5000 - Having some issues with my coils

Post by skaufman on Wed 04 Jan 2012, 9:15 am

Hello all,

I have just upgraded from a 4500 to a 5000 and they seem to be very different machines, can't seem to get the 5000 to purr.
I have been running the following coils:

14x9 Coiltek Blitz Mono - found gold with this and it runs quite well
16" NFA Round Mono - found gold with this on the 4500 but not 5000
30x7 NFA Patch Pro Mono - found gold with this on the 4500 but not 5000
6" Round Coiltek Mono - no joy as yet
10x5 Joey Mono - found gold with this on the 4500, not tried on the 5000
11" round Mono and DD from the 5000 - the Mono runs well but never even touched the DD
18" Coiltek Round Mono - can't even get it to run smoothly on either machine

I use a B+Z booster and since Christmas dual speakers.

I have friends running 5000's in the same areas running gains of up to 20 and I can't seem to get above 12.
The detector is not running that smoothly.

Front Panel:
Enhanced (or special for Fine gold)

Rear Panel:
Gain 11
Motion Slow
Stabilizer 10Audio Deep or Normal
Signal 19
Tone 63
Tracking Medium
Volume Limit 10
Target volume 8

My issue is that I have to run the Rx Gain low and operate in Enhance.
I want to try and run the fine gold setting as it sounds wonderful.

What am I doing wrong???
Why is the 18" round so crap as I want to look for the deeper gold with it?




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Re: New 5000 - Having some issues with my coils

Post by Goldbait on Wed 04 Jan 2012, 11:20 am

i would probably start with a factory reset of your machine. From memory, hold the on button down for approximately 3 - 5 seconds.

so starting from scratch.
the only things i would then change is your front panel to Fixed tracking and Special mode.

Select Fine Gold.
Gain 13, Sens 9

All your coils should run sweet from those basic settings and only changing those settings. obviously settings like TONE you can adjust to suit your hearing.

I've never been able to run my machine with a gain higher than 13. but it is an RX Gain. it is used to control how smooth sound being received back into the machine. i would think you could only get a gain of 20 if you were in England or somewhere where the soil had no minerilisation.

but give those settings a go and do the factory reset and see how u go from there.

Worst comes to worst, go back to the store you purchased it from and get them to test it. But thats a discussion for another day when you've tried every other avenue that may just be a simple tuning issue.


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Re: New 5000 - Having some issues with my coils

Post by Narrawa on Wed 04 Jan 2012, 12:15 pm

Hi Simon, let me start by saying i dont own a 5000, but have used many of them whilst being a trainer for Bob & Judy Buss, training the new to prospecting in NSW.
Not all 5000s are equal, and not all coils are equal....its a shitty thing but its reality.
Your in an area that is high in atmospheric disturbances for this time of year (EMI).

When you choose a coil to use, do all the checks on connections and make sure if your right handed that the coil lead where it enters the c/box is wound clock-wise round the shaft....this will insure its on the outer side where it enters the c/box. Sounds silly i know, but it keeps it away from your person when your swinging. If the lead is touching you when you swing to the left you will get problems.
Dont wind the cable very tight up the shaft, leave some slack but keep it tight from the handle to the c/box.

The stabilizer works better for EMI than it does for ground noise, dont be scared to lower the numbers passed the point of confidence, i use my stabilizer on a setting of 2 when i have to and find nano nuggets and up from ground zero to depth.

Id start out with your 11" mono and work from that....remember the bigger coil offers more depth, but is subject to more interference from the sky.
The smaller coils suffer from being more aggressive to hotter ground, and require more GBing.
A good 5000 will GB very quickly unlike the 4500.. unless a dodgy coils is used.
Do a factory reset to start off with and start out in Enhance.
Id use Normal in the audio...not deep, deep is an amplifier and switches in other filters that i cant remember ATM.
Use V/slow in the motion setting and SWING SLOW.

Fine gold should sound a little more erratic than enhance....thats normal, but start off in the factory reset before any adjustments are made.

Get back to us.

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I'll give it a bash on Sunday

Post by skaufman on Wed 04 Jan 2012, 12:33 pm

Thanks for both of your replies. I will head out early on Sunday into the hills and give this advice a go.

Again, thanks for taking the time to reply.



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Re: New 5000 - Having some issues with my coils

Post by Guest on Wed 04 Jan 2012, 1:12 pm

Hi Simon

Something doesnt quiet sound right here, i think the one fact that is a good base to start from is the fact that your 11" & 14x9 Mono's run very good and reasonably smooth.
Most people do agree that the 5000 is more selective in what coils it will run good on, there are quiet a few
blokes having problems running the NF 16" & CT 18" Round coils, i would be using a process of elimination
starting from the coil backwards to the speakers.

You will be hard pressed to find a more better matched coil than the 11" commander Mono so lets fit that
first, Goldbait has given a good suggestion in doing a factory re set back to FP's, and for now lets use some moderate settings after the FP re-set


Special (fine gold)

REAR - ALL FP's except these

Volume limit to suite you - leave the booster off and run spkrs by self to eliminate if B&Z problem
Gain - 14
Stab - 6
Motion - Slow
Signal - 17
Rest left in FP

These mild settings should run rather smooth.

the next thing to
check is the coil lead socket on the box,some have been found to be only just finger tightened, also when you fit the coil does the coil plug locking ring on all coils snug up good with absolutely no looseness in the plug.

next the handle, put the tecta in tracking mode and hit the button, can you hear the "bip" telling ya the
connection to the box is good.

Obviously next is to wiggle the power lead to see if a disturbance is heard, and wiggle your speaker plug also,
once this is done plug in your Koss supplied h/phones and check for differences..

If all the above is done and the tecta still runs rat arsed, you very well may have an internal problem with
your beeper, and a trip back to Minelab is needed..

My 1st thought was
#1 has a Factory re-set been done between all these coil changes.
#2 maybe the booster is playing up or has a Stereo plug fitted by you causing 2 boosters to run at once.
#3 Loose coil socket causing bad shielding and excessive EMI..

Let us know how you go on with the above Simon, i'm sure its something & nothing mate

Pete :.8:


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Re: New 5000 - Having some issues with my coils

Post by Guest on Wed 31 Oct 2012, 3:40 pm

fine gold is the go for sure buddy....let me say what a fantastic machine the 5k still amazes me...just 2 days 3 days ago i found a nice specimen and a 3 gram nugget....very deep.....the nugget was 25 cm was the slightest sound...very esily missed....and the specimen was even deeper.....and a different sound but also very quite....i was going so slow at the time....only reason i recovered these 2......


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Re: New 5000 - Having some issues with my coils

Post by Guest on Wed 31 Oct 2012, 3:42 pm

and let me say...i run my 5k flat chat or as hard as it willlet me........


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Re: New 5000 - Having some issues with my coils

Post by gim on Sat 12 Jan 2013, 5:54 pm

Hi Simon
i am with goldbait, re-set and start again, gain very rarely goes over 13 on the 5000..gim..

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