Getting back into prospecting after sometime away

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Getting back into prospecting after sometime away

Post by Stuey on Sun 23 Mar 2014, 5:43 am

Righto so my question is: Everyone is talking about the GPX series of machines and for all the right reasons but whats peoples thoughts on the GP3000?

The GP3000 was the last machine I had from release date up until 4 years ago when situations dictated I had to sell it Evil or Very Mad . One of the reasons I was looking at the 3000 is the price is what I have to spend, was a very successful machine and I still have a few my old DD coils that worked on the last 3000.

Thanks for any input.

Cheers Stuey


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Re: Getting back into prospecting after sometime away

Post by Guest on Sun 23 Mar 2014, 7:40 am

If the 3000 floats your boat, go for it.



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Re: Getting back into prospecting after sometime away

Post by rogawilco on Sun 23 Mar 2014, 10:12 pm

Gidday Stuey,

Mate ultimately I reckon everyone wants a 5000. There bloody expensive and I reckon a lot get on sold before they even pay for themselves, but not all.
I just went with what I could afford at the start which was a 3500, and I loved it because it found me my first ever piece of gold and many more after that, I tried all sorts of tweeks and tricks , some worked , some didn't seem too, even running my DD's in mono, that worked good too, found me some bits that way too, but above all I just loved being out in the bush with a detector that actually went off over some gold. Start small and work ya way up and have fun doin it.

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Re: Getting back into prospecting after sometime away

Post by Flouro on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 8:21 am

Hi All,

Working at the Cue caravan park for several years you get to see what people use and see their results for a days effort, every detector M/L has made in the SD,GP,GPX's all find gold, some find a few nuggets that others won't(because of different timings, coils or operator)but each machine would find gold

One lady would use 2200D and bring home the bacon as she came very proficient at using it, another guy who goes to Cue religiously using a GP3000 with an 8" coil and finds more than his fair share but works very hard for what he does as he will not got in ground that is full of hotrocks so its quartz or nothing

I use a GPX 4000M and it runs very stable and it is not capable of doing the things that Sherri does with her GPX 5000, the 5000 can find runs of gold in old patches especially if its noisy ground that just do not exist with the older machines, mine included

The 5000 matched with a small coil(8" or the Sadie) is one deadly machine,this machine not only finds the odd piece of gold because of its timings it can find whole runs of gold that will not be found with any other machine

So,......if you want to FIND gold any of the mentioned detectors will do it, but if you want to maximize your returns for money invested go up the ladder, if your happy just to find gold pick any one and get to know how to use it and the best way to do that is to put a coil on and leave it on and get out there and get to know it and how the machine reacts to all situations



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Re: getting back into prospecting artefr some time away

Post by aussie18 on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 11:04 am

very well said Ron
spot on with your comments.

get out there and get it

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