How to post a photo using Servimg or PhotoBucket or Youtube vid clip

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How to post a photo using Servimg or PhotoBucket or Youtube vid clip

Post by Bignuggs on Sun 10 Feb 2013, 5:18 pm

Sorry this sounds quick and a bit abrupt, I need a 30 hour day to get stuff done   Razz 
The default image server for the forum is
If it is the first time you have posted a pic you maybe asked to create an account, just follow the prompts.  If you use Photobucket, we have people on the forum who can help you with it.

There is a new icon button for youtube vidclips, just click on it and post the youtube link

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using photobucket and 37ouncer

Post by Stingray on Fri 16 Aug 2013, 11:18 pm

Hi, I just worked out how to post a photo from 'photobucket' and thought I would share. I use a mac so can't say how it would work on a pc.

Check out the video first.

1. Start your post
2. open a new browser window and open your photobucket album
3. select the photo you want to load
4. on the right there is a box titled "links to share this photo" - Select 'Direct' to copy the link (it should start with http://)
5. go back to your post and click on the icon for 'insert image'
6. paste in the URL box (where it shows http://) and set width to 800
7. then hit 'insert' - you should now see the string of letters etc in the body of the post
8. hit preview and the image should appear in the post (like in the video)


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Re: How to post a photo using Servimg or PhotoBucket or Youtube vid clip

Post by Guest on Sat 17 Aug 2013, 6:29 pm

geez here goes--I use a Normal PC with windows on it.
I usually have to put my chip in a reader--super card reader--or on ya computer feed it into the slot...busted mine on puter..
Then it automatically brings up windows live photo gallery and my photos are downloaded into this program first.

then I have to open Photo bucket and hit IMPORT then drag my photos over from Live to Photobucket..once downloaded in photo bucket -- I click on the photo which I would want to share and on the RHS a box with " Like to share this photo" appears.  Click on the IMG box (it briefly goes yellow and says COPIED) and it should automatically Copy the link--then back into the forum were u have already opened a new topic and click on the topic then right click and hit Paste.


did it work 4 u..


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Re: How to post a photo using Servimg or PhotoBucket or Youtube vid clip

Post by mark409 on Sat 25 Oct 2014, 6:30 pm

evening all
Just been scrolling thru the site, as you do ,and have realized that if u upload a photo in photobucket .You can click on someones photo and it takes you to there upload best not be having any photos on there that u don,t want the world to see affraid paeirgcy vp
Have tried it in servo sig ,,and you can only see the last pic they put up.I think confused
Anybody know any different.
Mark 409

just read, guests post already mentioned but a reminder anyway.

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